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The research of the State Institute for Family Research at the University of Bamberg is thematically diverse and includes basic research, applied research, and scientific political consulting.

Basic research

Basic research at the ifb provides comprehensive information on the development and structure of families, and engages in testing and developing theories, empirical methods and data collection tools in the field of family research.

Applied research

In the area of Applied research, the researchers at the ifb deal with a broad range of assignments of high practical relevance. We provide empirical data, theoretical insights and practical applications which meet the needs of practice. The guidelines, handbooks and brochures that the ifb produces within the scope of such projects provide significant impulses for experts in the field.

Political consulting

In the face of social change, decision-makers and stakeholders need reliable and up-to-date information about families. Hence, the data from empirical research is an important basis for socio-political discussions and decision-making. The ifb fuels such debates and discussion by consulting persons in charge of politics and family organisations. In this context, the ifb provides statements and assessments on questions of family development and the situation of families for the Bavarian State Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Affairs. Furthermore, the ifb organises family-related forums and initiatives, produces expert reports and makes information available for various groups. These groups include ministries, associations, local authorities, work groups, committees and many other organisations that deal with the topic of family on a state, federal, municipal and association level.

Journal of Family Research (JFR)

In addition to these areas of responsibility, the ifb has been publishing the Journal of Family Research (JFR) since 1989. Since 2020, the journal has been published open access and is receiving rising attention in the international research community.

For over three decades, the JFR – Journal of Family Research has been publishing original research on theoretical, empirical and methodological issues with regard to all aspects and stages of living in families and intimate relationships over the life course as well as the interrelations between family and society.

We welcome, at any time, original research papers on all family-related research issues, critical assessment of the current state of the art, and innovative approaches on investigating family life.

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